Manz and Grob have entered into a cooperation for lithium-ion battery systems.

This will combine market and customer access and bundle technical expertise.

The companies will be able to offer the production process for manufacturing lithium-ion battery cells and modules, from coating the electrode material to pack assembly, from a single source and fully integrated.

Manz brings its experience in essential production steps for the manufacture of different lithium-ion cell types and their assembly into a battery module, from wound button cells to prismatic cells and stacked pouch cells.

For more than 90 years Grob has worked in the construction of production and automation systems, with a focus on e-mobility in the past five years.

"We see outstanding opportunities to take advantage from the dynamic development of e-mobility - which is why we have focused our business model accordingly," said Manz CEO, Martin Drasch.

"We are absolutely convinced that, based on cooperation with Grob, we have added another important building block to fully tap the enormous market potential, especially for scaled and efficient production solutions in the GWh range.

"The fact this consistent orientation makes sense is underlined not least by the recently received funding commitment from the European Commission for the further development of lithium-ion battery technology as part of the so-called IPCEI (Important Project of Common European Interest) 'EuBatIn - European Batteries Innovation.'

"Grob's expertise combined with our technological know-how makes it possible to further accelerate and market the development of innovative, flexible technologies and solutions in the field of electromobility."