Mando has officially opened a new R&D centre in Frankfurt, Germany joined by representatives from global automakers including Hyundai, Ford, BMW, and Volkswagen.

The Korean supplier has operated an R&D center in Frankfurt since 2010 and the newly-built, 12,000 square metre facility, equipped with test facilities, will employ 120 people.

Mando said its European R&D "plays a pivotal role in development of innovative, future car technologies including autonomous driving, electric vehicles, and advanced chassis products".

Headed by Feigel Hans-Joerberg, it is working on such advanced technology as integrated dynamic brakes (IDB).

Mando said it would continue to "expand customer-focused global R&D investments in order to secure core technology for future automobiles and solidify its position as a leading supplier in the global automotive market".

CEO Mong-won Chung said while the global auto industry was going through a difficult period, Mando would "continue its growth through the pioneering spirit demonstrated in Europe," and "[our] R&D capabilities and technological leadership will blossom here in the birthplace of autos".

Mando began operations in Europe back in 1989 with winter tests in Sweden and opened the Frankfurt office in 1996. It has established headquarters in Germany, factories in Poland and Turkey, and the two R&D centres in Germany as it "continues to challenge and grow in the European market".

Mando secured its first European contract from GM-Opel in 1997 and now does business with most European automakers including BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo, Peugeot, and Citroen.

Mando has shown continued efforts in expanding their global R&D capabilities, now having R&D presence in Korea, Germany, US, and India, and maintains R&D expense in excess of 5% of sales.

Mando is a global auto parts company specializing in design and production of brake, steering, suspension, and ADAS parts while holding the highest level of independent technology in autonomous driving amongst global auto parts makers.