Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has improved its Triton pickup and is aiming to lift its sales by a fifth.

Malaysia’s Business Times newspaper reported that MMM CEO  Keizo Ono said the firm is now targeting sales of 500 Tritons a month or 6,000 a year, instead of 400 units and 4,800 pa, as previously.

He told the paper that the higher sales will help boost its market share in the pick-up truck segment to 21 per cent in the current financial year ending March 31 2010, from 19.2 per cent a year ago.

Ono said the company is also optimistic that car sales will improve as the economy takes a turn.

“Sales were slow in the first half of 2009 but things have changed. We see demand for new cars picking up,” he said.

The Malaysia Automotive Association (MAA) revised its total industry sales volume to 500,000 cars for this year, from an earlier forecast of 480,000 units, due to improved consumer sentiment, Business Times reported.