Engine components producer Mahle says it reached a major milestone on its path toward groupwide carbon neutrality when all German Mahle production locations became CO2 neutral in 2021.

The company says it is committed to the Paris Climate Agreement and aims to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and wants to be globally CO2 neutral production by 2040.

The use of self-generated power from renewable sources will increase annually.

“As a foundation-owned company, we have a special responsibility toward mankind and the environment. We see the Paris climate agreement as a binding mandate to minimize emissions caused by mobility. Our technologies are already helping to make individual mobility more efficient, more sustainable, and thus more environmentally friendly,” says Matthias Arleth, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of the Mahle Group.

Mahle says it is increasingly focusing its attention on internal company structures and processes. “In both the production and administrative areas, we aim to leverage further potential in environmental protection and overall sustainable corporate governance,” says Arleth.

One example is the action area of energy efficiency where Mahle is increasingly using self-generated electricity and will in future be able to partially meet its energy needs with eco-friendly solar power from the company’s own photovoltaic systems.

This year Mahle says it will be launching corresponding carbon reduction projects in all regions of the world in which it operates.