Mahle says CEO, Joerg Stratmann will resign from his positions with effect from 31 March, 2021.

The appointment of a successor by the supervisory board will take place “without delay,” noted the supplier.

Until the successor assumes office, Michael Frick, member of the management board responsible for Finance, IT and other administrative areas, will be chairman of the management board and CEO.

“On behalf of the supervisory board, I would like to thank Joerg Stratmann for his many years of consistently loyal and successful service to the group,” said Mahle chairman, Heinz Juncker.

Stratmann started working for the Mahle Group in October, 2008 as a member of the management committee. In February, 2013, he first became a member and then the chairman of the management board of the Mahle Behr Group.

In this capacity, he was appointed as a member of the management board of Mahle in January, 2014 and took on the position of chairman and CEO in February, 2018.