Magna said "a premium automaker in Europe" will soon be able to offer industry-leading driver assistance features across a larger portion of its vehicle lineup, thanks to the supplier's next generation of camera based driver assistance.

The Gen5 'one-box' product is a Mobileye EyeQ5-based system – one of the industry's first where the forward facing camera and related software are contained in a single assembly. Benefits include lower cost, simplified installation on the assembly line, and the ability for the technology to be applied to a wider range of an automaker's lineup. The system will provide drivers with safety and convenience features such as adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection.

As with previous generations, the system combines Magna electronics and camera expertise with Mobileye system on chip (SoC) image processing technology. The camera features a 120 degree, eight megapixel optical path while Magna has continued to refine its world-class camera manufacturing processes to achieve the quality and volume required of global vehicle platforms. Mobileye collaborated with Magna engineers to ensure that the EyeQ5 met and exceeded new requirements related to the launch programme.