Magna has joined an industry autonomous car partnership as a Tier 1 technology integrator and will help automakers industrialise and customise the domain controller designed by BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye. The plan is to deliver a self-driving, flexible vehicle platform by 2021.

"Many of the autonomy challenges the industry is facing can't be handled in isolation," said Magna's chief technology officer Swamy Kotagiri. "I am confident that the many strengths brought forward by each partner will contribute to the delivery of a self-driving platform the market can leverage. We are extremely excited to be one of the early integrators bringing our unique capabilities to the platform."

Through this collaboration, the BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye plan to provide an autonomous vehicle platform that can be flexible and adoptable for integration by multiple automakers.

"We are very pleased to welcome Magna as the next major industry player to support our non-exclusive platform. This underlines the success story we have been writing over the past year with our unique cooperation and it gives us additional boost in creating a leading ecosystem for the industry of autonomous driving," said Klaus Fröhlich, BMW's development chief, speaking for all.

"Magna has a long-term experience in integrating complex systems seamlessly onto individual vehicle platforms while securing differentiation for individual OEM customers."

Magna has been a supplier to the BMW Group on a global scale for many years and a contract vehicle manufacturer for them for more than 15 years.