Jean Bergh has been named General Director of the Goodyear Technical Centre Luxembourg (GTC*L) in Colmar-Berg as of 1 June, 2002. He replaces Theo Famulok, who has been leading the Research Centre since 1994 and has now elected to retire.

Jean Bergh joined Goodyear Luxembourg in 1968. As a Luxemburger, he obtained his Chemical Engineering Degree at the University of Liège (Belgium). He went through various positions in the GTC*L compound and material research and development services before becoming Director Tyre Development in 1996 and Director R&D Compound Science in 1999. After a two year assignment at the Akron (Ohio – USA) based Technical Centre, he is now promoted to General Director GTC*L. Jean Bergh is 59 years old, married and father of two children.

During his career, Jean Bergh was involved in numerous development projects for new polymers and has actively promoted the silica technology in the new generations of tyre compounds.

The Technical Center in Colmar-Berg is the largest R&D centre of Goodyear in Europe and the second worldwide after the head offices in Akron (US). With its 900 scientists, GTC*L performs research, development and building of “new generation” tyres. Testing of passenger, truck and farm tyres is done for the European, the African and the Asian markets.