LiDAR provider Luminar hopes the tie-up will enable scale-up on supplying tech for ADAS to OEMs in China.

Luminar has announced it’s teaming up with ECARX, a mobility tech company, to collaborate on automotive grade technologies with the intent to enable advanced safety and automated driving capabilities in the production of consumer vehicles and commercial trucks.

Luminar says the partnership will further strengthen Luminar’s presence in China. In particular, the collaboration will help Luminar to accelerate deployment of its long-range lidar and software in the market and beyond through ECARX’s deep connection with Geely and the Geely ecosystem, comprising some of the world’s most reputable automotive brands. As part of the collaboration, Luminar is making a strategic stock-based investment in ECARX.

“ECARX has earned an esteemed reputation and strong track record of success in the world’s largest auto market, China. This collaboration will better position Luminar to expand deployment of our technology on a variety of production vehicle platforms in this fast-paced market where demand is rapidly growing for vehicles defined by their technical capabilities,” said Austin Russell, Founder and CEO of Luminar.

Luminar says that by integrating Luminar’s long-range LiDAR and software with ECARX’s suite of automotive intelligence products, automakers in China and beyond will have an accelerated path to deploy advanced safety technologies and driving capabilities on series production vehicles.

“ECARX is developing a full-stack automotive computing platform to underpin intelligent electric vehicles capable of unsupervised highway driving, that seamlessly integrate with the user’s existing digital ecosystem,” said Ziyu Shen, CEO of ECARX. “This collaboration with Luminar will help rapidly advance the scale up of both our technologies.”

Earlier this week, Luminar also announced the addition of Jackie Chen to run the expansion of Luminar’s business in China.