Logistics UK says it is “disappointed” to note the changes announced by the British government’s decision to reduce the EV grant for plug in cars, vans and trucks.

Britain will now provide grants of up to GBP2,500 (US$3,000) for electric vehicles on cars priced less than GBP35,000.

It was previously GBP3,000 on cars costing up to GBP50,000. Until the 2020 budget, the grant had been GBP3,500 for any EV.

“Switching to zero and ultra-low emission vehicles is an important focus for the logistics industry, as it works to achieve the government’s zero emissions target by 2050,” said Logistics UK head of Public Policy, Michelle Gardner.

“It is therefore disappointing to see the changes announced today to the government’s plug in car, van and truck grants, which have been reduced for the vast majority of available models.

“Logistics UK’s members are committed to making the switch to alternatively fuelled vehicles, but with the market still to reach maturity, options are limited for operators and reducing the financial support will hinder this transition.  

“After the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, to enable operators to make a change within the lifecycle of their normal vehicle, it is imperative government lays out a clear policy road map to enable operators to invest confidently, while encouraging manufacturers to develop and launch a wider range of suitable vehicles.”