Toyota Motor luxury car division, Lexus, this week unveiled the LF-Z Electrified, a conceptual battery-powered electric vehicle (BEV) that embodies the brand's vision and direction for future electric vehicles.

The LF-Z Electrified incorporates the driving performance, styling and on-board technologies that the brand plans to deliver to customers from 2025. 

Lexus paid special attention to the optimal placement of the battery pack and electric motors to achieve an ideal dynamic balance for the vehicle.

The LF-Z Electrified vehicle also has a new four-wheel drive control technology called DIRECT4 which the company says generates a superior and highly flexible driving performance "that sets it apart from conventional vehicles". 

Lexus also said it plans to incorporate technologies and advanced infotainment functions in its vehicles "that will further enrich customers' mobility experience". 

Lexus said it plans to introduce 20 new or improved models in global markets by 2025, including at least 10 electrified models such as BEVs, plug-in hybrid and conventional hybrid vehicles.

It also plans to launch sports models that will provide "fun of driving" to its customers as well as "new genres of vehicles that will take on the challenge of providing new value that exceeds the expectations of its diverse customers".

Lexus said it aims to offer electrified variants of all its models by 2025, sales of which are expected to exceed those of traditional petrol engine vehicles then. 

By 2050 the brand aims to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the lifecycle of its entire model range, from raw materials, components and vehicle production to logistics, aftermarket and final vehicle disposal and recycling.

The automaker also plans to open a new business and technical centre in early 2024, bringing together Lexus-brand development, design, production technology and planning functions, as well as suppliers, to create its next-generation of cars with the additional focus on the environment.