Lectra has inked a deal with HMT, a Chinese airbag manufacturer and supplier of airbag fabrics and technical textiles, for the development and manufacture of one-piece woven (OPW) airbags.

Lectra has supported HMT’s business growth since the publicly traded company’s airbag activity first started. Equipped with a Focus Airbag OPW cutter and three Focus Airbag XHP cutters, HMT is looking to substantially increase its airbag manufacturing capacity.

HMT is aiming to acquire a third of the Chinese airbag market.

“We needed a technology partner with the industry leadership to support us into the long term as we expand our operations,” said HMT general manager, Charles Zhang. “With FocusQuantum, Lectra is revolutionising the way OPW airbags are produced.

“They are the only company with the technology and local support in China to help us ensure quality as we increase production.

For his part, Lectra CEO, Daniel Harari added: “Recent headlines show the airbag supply chain is still undergoing tremendous change.

“As worldwide demand for vehicle safety content continues to rise, airbag manufacturers must stay apace to capitalise on emerging opportunities. FocusQuantum is a breakthrough in airbag manufacturing in terms of quality and productivity.”

The integrated offer was launched in January this year.