Lectra has launched its new FocusQuantum airbag cutting machine, maintaining production to be zero-defect with its laser solution.

FocusQuantum is an airbag solution range, combining laser cutters for both one-piece woven (OPW) and flat airbags, as well as a software suite and a range of professional services covering implementation, change management and support.

Potential defects says Lectra —even those invisible to the naked eye—are eliminated during the data analysis phase, ensuring the integrity of each individual airbag.

The software suite additionally ensures full traceability of operations by preventing unauthorised changes to approved commands and processes.

“The grave nature of recent airbag inflator problems demonstrates the vital role airbag suppliers play in the automotive industry,” said Lectra CEO, Daniel Harari.

“They have no other choice than to produce zero-defect quality. At Lectra, we understand the pressure and challenges they face. This is why we have worked closely with leading suppliers to develop and deliver our next generation of airbag cutting solutions meeting the airbag industry’s stringent standards.

“We know how important it is for suppliers to be able to count on a capable, reliable partner.”

The FocusQuantum laser-cutters, software suite and range services will be available starting January, 2016.