Lear has unveiled INTU Thermal Comfort with ClimateSense technology, developed in collaboration with Gentherm.

The system aims to create a personal climate through its software, using ambient cabin conditions.

“Today’s consumers are looking to personalise their in-vehicle experience with smart, predictive options that are highly efficient and we see the seat as the next frontier,” said Lear CTO, John Absmeier.

“We are pleased to partner with Gentherm, pairing our INTU seating system with ClimateSense technology, an integrated, intuitive heating and cooling solution to deliver passenger comfort.”

For his part, Gentherm president and CEO, Phil Eyler added: “Our collaboration with Lear addresses consumer preferences of today and tomorrow by combining Gentherm’s expertise in human thermophysiology and Lear’s strength as a leader of automotive seating and electronic systems.

“Our joint efforts have resulted in a smart solution that delivers faster passenger comfort and automatically adjusts based on occupant temperature preferences and profiles. Gentherm’s ClimateSense technology delivers significant energy savings.”

As opposed to the traditional HVAC system, the joint innovation uses intelligent zonal thermal management to create personalised comfort, improving overall vehicle efficiency.

Depending on the setting, the technology can account for in-vehicle and outside environments and personal preferences and manages the distribution of heating and cooling towards segments that have a significant impact on body thermal sensation and comfort.

Lear and Gentherm first announced a joint development partnership in January, 2019 to drive the future of passenger thermal seating solutions.

The INTU Thermal Comfort with ClimateSense technology is the first market-ready solution developed from the collaboration.