Mazda is ready to share its ‘Skyactiv’ fuel efficiency technology with other car makers, company president Takashi Yamanouchi said at the Los Angeles motor show.

The company claims that Skyactiv gives petrol engines the same fuel efficiency as petrol hybrids but without the cost and complications. It already has the 2 small car on sale in Japan – where it is known as the Demio – with a new 1.3-litre Skyactiv petrol engine promising fuel consumption equivalent to 85mpg.

Next year, the compact crossover CX-5 is launched with a full array of Skyactiv technologies including two-litre petrol and 2.2-litre diesel engines, new transmissions and lightweight body construction. 

Yamanouchi said Mazda is willing to offer the new technology as it has previously engaged in mutual exchange of vehicles and technologies with other car makers [eg vehicles made on an OEM basis by Suzuki and Nissan; hybrid technology sharing with Toyota – ed].

He also said that domestic output would be maintained despite the tough exporting conditions caused by a strong yen, but he wanted to expand overseas production to meet growing demand abroad.

Boosting production at its Mexico plant, which it plans to start operation in fiscal 2013 to meet growing demand in North America, is one option under consideration. Annual output is planned at 140,000 units; this could be increased to 210,000 units but local content would have to be increased to export cars from there to the US.