Debuting at the L.A. Auto Show, Faurecia says its ‘Light Attitude’ unveils 10 incremental, breakthrough and game-changing innovations that altogether can significantly reduce the weight of tomorrow’s vehicles by as much as 30 kg (66 pounds), improving fuel economy and reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

Light Attitude is the third in a series of Attitudes presented to the automotive world by Faurecia. Each Attitude developed is an opportunity for Faurecia to give a vision to the market as to how it manages the constant evolution that takes place within the automobile industry.

The Light Attitude concepts Faurecia will demonstrate can help speed the lightweighting process that the auto industry is urgently pursuing.

“Faurecia’s products today represent 15 to 20 percent of a vehicle’s total weight,” notes Faurecia Vice President of Product Planning Philippe Aumont. “At Faurecia, we recognize that we have important responsibilities and important contributions to make to the reduction of vehicle weight and emissions. We are able to manage lightweighting from design to manufacturing, from components to modules, from raw materials to architecture, with a full range of technical solutions.”

Faurecia North America Vice President of Marketing and Design Rob Huber points out that weight savings offer benefits to vehicle manufacturers and consumers. “The key challenge in today’s automotive industry is to reduce weight but also maintain cost competitiveness and not compromise on safety or comfort for the consumer.”

Faurecia Light Attitude is a collection of exhibits that demonstrate how innovative thinking can address weight reduction. The program presents weight improvements in five major vehicle systems, including interiors, seating, acoustics, front ends and exhaust.