Koito and Blickfeld are to explore technologies for the development of Lidar which can be fully integrated into headlamps.

The Koito Group is working on future changes in mobility, such as connectivity, autonomous driving, sharing, and electric vehicles.

The combination of Koito’s lighting technologies and Lidar technologies provides an automotive component with built-in Lidar for car manufacturers and are expected to function interactively with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) or autonomous driving technology.

As Lidar’s core technology, Blickfeld’s 3D solid-state Lidar adopts silicon MEMS mirror. The Lidar can be integrated directly into a vehicle’s lighting equipment, enabling real-time 3D mapping and object detection, classification, and tracking without protruding or altering the exterior design of the vehicle.

Founded in 2017, Blickfeld is a provider of Lidar technology for autonomous mobility and IoT applications. The company has developed proprietary Lidar technology based on patented silicon MEMS mirrors designed for the Lidar application.