Kobe Steel has established Kobelco Europe (KEU) to serve as the European headquarters for the Kobe Steel Group.

KEU has grown out of an existing company, Kobelco Machinery Europe (or KME), in Munich. KME was set up in 2012 as a base for Kobe Steel’s Machinery Business in Europe, mainly the marketing of non-standard compressors and tyre and rubber machinery.

KEU plans to continue the business activities of KME while strengthening the management of Kobe Steel’s operations in Europe, starting with corporate governance and compliance. KEU aims to further promote coordination among the Kobe Steel Group companies in the region.

KEU will also be responsible for the Group’s locations in the Middle East.

The Kobe Steel Group started to expand into Europe in the 1960s and now has ten locations in five countries. In recent years, Kobe Steel has been accelerating business development in the region.

Subsidiary, Kobelco Construction Machinery re-entered Europe after it ended its alliance in 2012 with the former CNH Global (currently CNH Industrial) and subsequently established a base in the Netherlands in 2013.

In its Machinery Business, Kobe Steel acquired Sweden’s Quintus Technologie in April, 2017 and turned it into a wholly-owned subsidiary.

With the formation of KEU, the Kobe Steel Group has established headquarters in major regions where it conducts business.

The regional headquarters further promote business development by providing support to the Group companies in their respective regions.