Kia Motors (UK) has announced a deal to create additional storage capacity at its UK import and distribution centre in Stallingborough, North Lincolnshire.

A deal between the car importer and an investor secured 16.8 hectares of land from Associated British Ports and arranged the related construction contract.

The current site covers 35.6 hectares and overall capacity will increase to 52.6 hectares.

Situated three miles from the Port of Immingham, the current distribution centre is a key hub for all vehicles entering the UK from European and Korean factories. Over 92,586 Kia cars were imported into the UK in 2018 and this figure is expected to rise in the coming years. Kia plans to sell 100,000 cars a year by 2020.

The new site adjoins the current facility and will have access via a road bridge, in addition, the new facility will also have a separate transporter entrance allowing flexibility in its utilisation. The new 16.8 hectare facility will allow for an additional storage of 8,000 cars.

Construction will take 32 weeks and the extension should be open fully in November 2019.

Kia are also investigating options for solar PV generation which will support its battery charging facilities for its range of electric and hybrid models.