Kia Motors' drip-feed of images and details of its redesigned Sorento has continued with more on the new powertrains, including hybrid, transmissions and platform. The model makes its public debut at the Geneva show on 3 March.

As previously announced the new generation Sorento will be the first Kia SUV based on a new Hyundai-Kia group platform when production commences later this year. This allows for a compact engine bay structure, shorter overhangs and a longer wheelbase while the exterior and interior are completely restyled.

Overall length is up 10mm on a wheelbase stretched 35mm to 2,815mm. Kia claims the cabin now provides more room than in many other midsize SUVs while intelligent packaging results in claimed class-leading cargo space.

Korea, Europe and North America will all get the new Smartstream turbo hybrid powertrain, the first time the Sorento has been electrified. This combines a 1.6-litre T-GDi (turbocharged gasoline direct injection) engine, 44.2kW electric motor and 1.49kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack. The engine and electric motor produce a combined 230PS of power and 350Nm of torque and the battery pack is beneath the passenger cell with no effect on cabin or luggage space.

Additional powertrains will come later, including petrol engines and a plug-in hybrid.

Korea and Europe buyers will also be offered a new, four cylinder, 2.2-litre Smartstream diesel engine, producing 202PS and 440Nm torque. This is paired with a new, eight speed, wet double clutch transmission (8DCT) developed to offer the smooth shifting characteristics of a conventional automatic while enhancing efficiency over dry clutch DCTs.

Korea and North America will also have the option of the a 2.5-litre T-GDi petrol engine from launch, developing 281PS and 421Nm torque, and combined with the new 8DCT. , This turbocharged engine combines direct injection and multi point injection and can subtly adapt its combustion cycle at different engine speeds to enhance performance and efficiency.

Another new feature is Kia's first multi-collision brake system to mitigate the severity of secondary collisions. It automatically applies vehicle brakes when the airbags have been deployed after an initial collision, further protecting occupants from secondary frontal or side impacts. Availability depends on market. There are also eight airbags including front seat centre side airbags and knee airbags.

Again, depending on market, the new Sorento will be offered available with a remote smartphone surround view monitor which allows users to check the vehicle's surroundings with their smartphone in conjunction with the in-vehicle monitor when parking.