Keihin is developing a range of new system technologies for future E-powertrain vehicles, supported by Horiba Mira.

The partnership will see Keihin and Horiba Mira partner on an engineering programme, with the aim of developing an electric vehicle powertrain system.

The electric vehicle powertrain will be initially targeted at the Chinese market. China has recently updated its NEV (New Energy Vehicle) points system to reward OEMs for the range their EVs can achieve for each kWH of battery capacity.

These regulations will drive the development of EVs using battery energy and powertrains more efficiently, not just bigger batteries. Mira China, a subsidiary of Horiba Mira, will provide local support to the project. 

“With the increasing demand for electric powertrains, particularly in Japan and China, we are committed to developing technology to help OEMs bring low carbon vehicles on to our roads,” said Keihin president, Chitoshi Yokota.

“With Horibia Mira’s expertise in EV engineering and powertrain software, we look forward to developing the next generation of electric vehicle technology.” 

For his part Horiba’s global business lead for Electrification Services, Greg Harris added: “Keihin is a highly respected Tier 1 supplier both in Japan and globally and Horiba Mira is ideally placed to support their new programme, as a Japanese owned business with a strong engineering track record in China.”