Here’s a brief run-down of reports available in our research store that caught our eye over the past week or so…

1. Booming Russian Automobile Sector

Driven by low penetration, tremendous demand potential, and government involvement, the  Russian industry once again gained momentum in terms of both production and sales volume in 2010. The report examines the market and it’s future looking at expected growth rates for 2011 to 2014.

2. Green Consumer Attitudes – Automotive

As the automotive industry develops products and services to target environmentally conscious consumers, they require sophisticated intelligence. This report presents and analyzes over 9,000 responses in 15 countries across three regions, that related specifically to the automotive industry, providing a base for advancing product development and marketing strategies.

3. Brazil Automobile Forecast to 2013

A comprehensive analysis of the Brazil automobile sector which splits its findings by type of vehicle. This publication gives actual figures for 2008 to 2010 including details of imports and exports. An important resource for anyone involved in this fast growing market.

4. Sustainable Technology Investment Market Update – Automotive & Transportation

The Sustainable Technology Investment Market Profiler update reports provide  investment updates on a semi-annual basis, highlighting recent developments in the sustainability area in terms of various types of investments and deals — M&A, IPO, PE, Venture Financing, etc.

5. Vehicular Lighting

A comprehensive review of the global automotive lighting industry looking at the major companies and technologies involved. The report provides a regional analysis with estimates and forecasts for the industry for the period 2007 to 2015.

6. The Electric Vehicles Report 2011

This 2011 edition examines the key aspects of EV development and the issues affecting demand. The report includes detailed sections on EV Technology, electric motors, grid connectivity and charging infrastructure.

7. Global market review of automotive turbochargers – forecasts to 2015

A comprehensive analysis of the biggest turbochargers market – passenger cars.
Use this essential, cost-effective global round-up of this dynamic sector to gain insight, understand  market drivers, review technological developments, assess market sizes and trends and understand the key applications and major suppliers

8. Global market review of truck manufacturing – forecasts to 2014

This report is the third in a series published by just-auto on the global truck (6+ tonnes) industry. The last report was published in 2007, since then the world’s economy and ultimately the truck industry has been through the severest downturn for more than half a century. As Volvo Group acknowledges in rather Churchillean tones: “Never before in the Group’s history had so many markets simultaneously been so severely affected by the downturn.”