Johnson Matthey (JM) and CAMX Power (CAMX) announced JM had obtained another licence under the intellectual property of CAMX relating to the GEMX platform of nickel based high energy high power cathode materials for use in lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles (EVs).

CAMX describes the GEMX platform as "based on a fundamental invention of CAMX for which broad patents have been granted in the US, EU, Japan and China.

"The invention creates a broad class of cathode materials, overarching the high nickel material classes NMC, NCA and LNO, the chemistries currently used, and expected to be used in the next 10 years or more, in lithium-ion batteries for EVs."

The invention, GEMX claims, through molecular engineering places cobalt at the critical places of the cathode particles resulting in the use of less cobalt, yet with greater stability, higher performance and lower cost for all classes of high nickel materials.
"We are pleased to have obtained this further license from CAMX to support JM's development of ultra high energy density automotive battery cathode materials," said Alan Nelson, JM's sector chief executive and CTO.

"This licence improves and extends our intellectual property protection and supports the commercialisation plans for our market leading eLNO technology." 

"Adding the GEMX platform also gives us a broader chemistry landscape to which we can apply [our] expertise in materials design, development, scale up and manufacturing. This is how [we provide] our customers, and ultimately consumers, with battery materials that have the performance characteristics required to drive an electric vehicle revolution and enable the journey to pollution-free roads." 

"In May 2016, JM purchased a licence for CAMX's CAM-7 platform. Using its own processing technologies and other know how JM successfully developed eLNO and is currently commercialising its technology. With the GEMX license JM can further enhance eLNO as well as take an advanced position in other material classes such as NCA and NMC," said Kenan Sahin, president and founder of CAMX.

He added the GEMX license which extend CAM-7 would give JM patent protection beyond 2030 in key jurisdictions especially China.

Sahin said he was enthusiastic about the deepening relationship with JM, noting how rapidly and successfully JM developed and began commercialising eLNO.

"Instead of attempting production ourselves, by working with eminent and established companies like JM we can see our inventions rapidly and more broadly come to market."