Jetta is to become a new brand for Volkswagen in China. Volkswagen says a new logo has been created for the new brand signaled by a ‘dynamic capital J’.

The brand will be aimed at young customers with a model range to include one sedan and two SUVs.

VW says that the new Jetta brand intends to exploit market potential in China ‘even more effectively’. In many cities with millions of people outside the metropolitan regions such as Beijing or Shanghai, vehicle ownership levels are still very low, VW says (in some cases below 100 cars per 1,000 inhabitants). At the same time, members of a growing middle class are striving for individual mobility with the first car of their own.

With the new brand, VW intends to target these young Chinese customers. The Jetta model range, which is to be produced by FAW-Volkswagen in Chengdu, will include one sedan and two SUVs with sales scheduled to start in the third quarter of this year.

Jürgen Stackmann, Member of the Volkswagen brand Board of Management responsible for Sales, says: “With Jetta we are closing the gap between the established VW lead brand in the top volume segment and entry-level mobility, which accounts for about one third of the Chinese market and is served mainly by local brands. This way, we will significantly increase our market coverage.”

With the addition of Jetta, Volkswagen says its umbrella brand will be able to position itself even more clearly as “top of volume” with its vehicles and to further sharpen its profile.

In addition, with this offering specially tailored to the needs of the Chinese market and developed together with FAW-Volkswagen, Volkswagen says it is forging ahead with the further regionalisation of the market.

Stackmann adds: “In China, the Jetta plays an extremely valuable role for us as a Volkswagen model. It has brought mobility for the masses, just like the Beetle once did in Europe. Developed by Volkswagen and built in China, the Jetta China has placed China on four wheels. To this day, it is one of Volkswagen’s most popular models in China – a real icon. This is why we are transforming a model into a brand for the first time in the history of Volkswagen and establishing a separate model and brand family.”

New sales network

Jetta will establish its own network of dealerships and will approach customers directly with ‘innovative sales formats’ – digital showrooms, shopping malls and mobile sales trucks. By year end, it is planned that about 200 dealers are to offer the new brand.