The possibility of interior cleaning materials accumulating on a power window switch and eventually posing a fire risk is behind a Honda recall of 936,000 cars worldwide, mostly its popular Fit/Jazz model. Manual-transmission CRZs are also being recalled in the US for a software fix.

In the worst-case scenario, the switch could partially melt and its cover could catch fire, although no one has been injured because of the defect, a company spokeswoman told AFP.

The automaker will recall 216,193 units of the Fit and other models in Japan due to the defective switches on the drivers side. Of these 203,777 units are Fits produced between October 2005 and October 2007.

Another 255,766 vehicles are being recalled in China, 297,000 elsewhere in Asia, and 103,000 units in North America. Around the world a total of 936,000 units are being recalled.

Models subject to the global recall also include the City car and CR-V sport utility vehicle, Honda said.

Honda’s US unit said one of two “voluntary recalls” in that country starting late in September affects 80,111 2006 model year CR-V vehicles with the potentially faulty power window switch.

Separately, it is recalling 5,626 2011 CR-Z hybrid sports coupes with manual transmissions to update the software that controls the hybrid electric motor.

“In the affected vehicles, when the petrol engine has stalled with the IMA battery in a very low state of charge and the transmission in gear, it is possible for the electric motor to rotate in the direction opposite to that selected by the transmission. If this occurs and the driver has not engaged the brakes, the vehicle may slowly roll in an unexpected direction (eg, backwards when the transmission is in a forward gear), potentially leading to a crash. A software update will add further controls to correct the problem,” Honda said. adding that no injuries or deaths have been reported related to the condition.