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Isuzu Motors will recall about 24,000 vehicles produced in 1998-2002 due to engine defects, according to The Associated Press.

The recall involves the Bighorn, Wizard and MU models [sold in Japan], as well as the Horizon model sold by Honda, Isuzu said in a reportedly said in a statement.

Structural problems with engine fuel injection systems could lead to “excessive engine revolution,” the statement said. It did not elaborate, AP added.

The UK website said of the 1998-2003 Trooper (export name for the Bighorn): “Seems to be a problem with the injector seals which results in fuel oil getting into the engine lubricating oil, leading the engine to run on its crankcase oil amd making it impossible to stop. Replacement injector kit available but has been in slow supply”.

The Associated Press said it was not immediately clear whether the recall affected vehicles sold outside of Japan.

The Bighorn was exported as the Trooper and was also called Jackaroo in some markets.

All three models being recalled have also been exported from Japan as used vehicles.