Japan Corporate News Network said on Thursday that Toyota Motor Corporation plans to begin the full rollout of its subscriber G-BOOK information network service in August, making it available on about 50 vehicle models. Toyota also plans to enhance the service by adding safety, security, concierge and other features.

G-BOOK functions, which are currently available on the WiLL CYPHA launched last October, will be standard on three types of Toyota vehicle navigation systems: 1) a manufacturer-installed optional DVD navigation system, either with a high-definition or standard screen, 2) a dealer-installed optional hard-disk navigation system, and 3) a card navigation system, the same of which is used in the WiLL CYPHA.

To hook up to the system, users will be able to choose between a built-in Data Communication Module (DCM) or a cell phone with a hands-free kit. The high-definition screen DVD navigation system is compatible with new Bluetooth wireless technology standards, meaning that selected Bluetooth-compatible cell phones slated to be marketed soon will eliminate the need for a hands-free kit.

New services will include: user notification in the case of forced entry into the vehicle and other abnormal occurrences and, for luxury vehicles, a hotel and restaurant operator-assisted reservation service.

An unlimited-use DCM connection will be available for 1,280 yen per month, while cell phone hookup will cost 410 yen per month (excluding cell-phone communications fees). Initial signup fees will be waived from August until the end of December, after which a one-time signup payment of 2,000 yen will be required. For the time being, the current WiLL CYPHA G-BOOK fee of 550 yen per month will remain unchanged, the report said.