Toyota is to make its biggest recall ever – about 1.41 million right-hand-drive cars globally – of models including the Corolla and 15 others due to problems with headlight switches.

The recall, filed with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, was the biggest for a Japanese auto maker and beat Toyota’s previous record recall of 797,707 vehicles in 1999, a spokesman told Reuters.

Toyota reportedly played down the recall’s impact on its earnings, while declining to disclose the specific recall cost.

“The part to be replaced, the headlight switch, is not that expensive,” the spokesman told the news agency. “So we don’t expect any major impact on our earnings.”

According to Reuters, Toyota said it would recall about 1.27 million vehicles in Japan in addition to another roughly 140,000 vehicles exported overseas, including about 70,000 cars in Australia, 19,000 cars in Singapore and 17,000 cars in Thailand.

Toyota reportedly said the vehicles to be recalled were manufactured between May 2000 and August 2002.