Toyota on Tuesday said it would hire about 800 fixed-term (temporary) workers in October “in view of possible production increases”.

Temps previously laid-off by the automaker will get first crack at the revived jobs.

“The decision to hire such contract employees reflects gradually recovering worldwide automobile sales, encouraged by tax-incentive and subsidy programmes implemented in various countries starting in the spring of this year,” Toyota said in a statement.

It stopped hiring temps in June last year, filling any gaps with overtime and work on regular days off by permanent staff.

TMC is considering hiring additional fixed-term employees, pending future sales and production environments, it added.

The new employees would be assigned to factories in Aichi Prefecture, home of the automaker, under contracts of four to six months, Kyodo News reported.

The number of temporary workers at the automaker totaled about 1,300 as of the end of August, down from about 8,000 in June last year.

News agency AFP noted that Japan’s premier-in-waiting Yukio Hatoyama has pledged to curb the use of temporary work contracts, amid criticism from his allies in the labour unions that firms were too quick to fire such employees.