Toyota has opened a new career track aimed at giving more senior managers better knowledge of the regions of the world where it sells cars.

As well as recruiting local managers, Toyota is moving to promote Japanese executives who can run operations in emerging markets.

The carmaker plans to select section chiefs from Japan who have the potential to become top regional executives. The first group of about 20 were chosen this month, with regional focuses that include the US, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

The designated employees will alternate between Japan and in their region, working longer abroad.

Naoki Miyazaki, a managing officer in charge of personnel matters at Toyota, told The Nikkei: “the idea is to groom region-specific professionals, such as experts in Thailand or Indonesia.”

Toyota already has a programme to teach junior employees foreign languages while working abroad. By creating a management track with an overseas focus, the company aims to help young employees set career goals.