Toyota and Honda have both reported increases in worldwide production in February – though the comparison is against exceptionally low numbers in the early part of 2009.

Toyota said its worldwide production increased 69.2% in February, compared to the previous year, while Honda’s worldwide production in the month grew 49.3% from the same month last year.

Toyota’s worldwide production in February was 734,631 units. Total overseas production advanced 57.5% to 356,715 units and total production in Japan was up by 81.9% to 377,916 units.

Worldwide production for Toyota jumped 82.7% to 655,180 units, while that for Daihatsu slipped 1.3% to 70,791 units. Hino’s worldwide production in February surged 120.7% to 8,660 units.

Total sales in Japan increased 32.1% to 210,767 units with sales of passenger cars rising 36.6% and those of trucks & buses advancing 3.2%.

Year-to-date, worldwide production increased 57.2% to 1,451,201 units and exports jumped 71.8% to 300,343 units.

Honda said its worldwide total production totalled 284,711 units in February, up 49.3% from last year. Production in Japan increased 52.2% to 83,310 units, and production outside of Japan climbed 48.2% to 201,401 units.