and Honda boosted vehicle output in Japan in February but Nissan, Mitsubishi and
Mazda recorded falls.

Toyota’s home production was up a fractional 0.1 percent to 301,952 vehicles
in February but it was, at least, the fifth month of increase in a row, compared
with a year ago.

Exports were down 0.1 percent from a year ago to 133,199 due to declining exports
to the United States and Europe but it should be noted that Yaris (Vitz/Echo)
production started in France in February and U.S. production is being increased.

Honda recorded its third consecutive monthly output rise but it too saw exports
fall – for the seventh straight month. Again, though, production in the
U.S. is increasing and the CR-V SUV, previously shipped there from Japan, is
soon to be built in the U.K.

Honda home market production rose 4.8 percent year on year in February to 109,869
vehicles, while the exports nose-dived 21.3 percent to 34,335.

Nissan’s domestic production fell by 2.6 percent to 119,450 vehicles while
exports to Europe and North America also declined, for the second month in a
row. Exports dropped by 16.6 percent to 43,012 units at Nissan, though some
models previously shipped from Japan are now exported from the U.K. and Spain.

Mitsubishi’s February home production was down 8.6 percent to 94,826,
a third consecutive monthly decline, and exports also fell, for the second month
in a row, by 21.3 percent to 30,671 units.

Mazda’s Japanese production dropped 25.2 percent to 60,870, declining
for the sixth consecutive month, and exports fell 22.7 percent to 38,343.

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