Tokai Rika will establish a new company in Salinas Victoria, Nuevo León, Mexico. The new company will be called Tokai Rika Mexico (TRMX) and is scheduled for incorporation in May. This will be the first Tokai Rika base in Mexico.

Given the rapid expansion of the Mexican automotive industry and its proximity to the US market, which is expected to exhibit sustained growth, establishing TRMX is part of a strategy aimed at responding more quickly and proactively than ever to customer needs and strengthening Tokai Rika’s business foundation in North America.

New company overview:

Name of company: Tokai Rika Mexico

Start of operations: Autumn 2016 (planned)

Capital: US$33m (planned)

Articles produced and sold: Switches (e.g., steering wheel switches) Security devices (e.g., automatic transmission shift levers, key sets) Safety devices (e.g., seatbelts)

Anticipated sales: Fiscal year 2018: $52m, fiscal year 2020: $126m

Investment: until fiscal year 2018 $34m

Number of employees: Fiscal year 2018: approximately 200, fiscal year 2020: approximately 350

Plant scale: Land area: approximately 150,000sq m