Suzuki on Thursday released details and first photos of its redesigned third generation Swift hatchback on sale next autumn. First line-off for what has become a very successful global model took place at the Magyar Suzuki Corporation factory at Esztergom, in Hungary.

The model is also built in Japan and by Maruti Suzuki in India where the outgoing version has been a huge success, attracting lengthy waiting lists (‘bookings’ in the local parlance) and spawning a sedan spin-off.

“The all-new Swift is positioned as Suzuki’s latest world strategic model and makes strong developments in styling, impact safety, driving performance, handling, improved fuel consumption and significantly lower emissions,” the manufacturer said.

Extensive use of higher strength steel makes the new bodyshell lighter and stiffer than before and has also helped improve impact safety for pedestrians and occupants.

Track and wheels (with lower profile tyres) are wider and the interior, at least for Europe, is in fashionable black with silver accents.

The car is 90mm longer with a 50mm wheelbase stretch and a new 1.2-litre petrol engine with variable intake and exhaust valve timing replaces a 1.3-litre unit. The 94PS power output is “slightly more” and torque is also up to 118Nm at 4,800rpm.

Fuel consumption on the European combined cycle is up 7.8mpg to 56.5mpg for the manual transmission model and the new engine with manual transmission emits 116g/km of CO2, down 17% or 24g/km versus its predecessor. Automatic transmission will be optional from launch.

A manual-only 1.3-litre diesel engine alternative emits 109g/km (down from 119g/km) with 67.3mpg consumption versus its predecessor’s 62.8mpg. Suzuki said the Euro 5 emission standard-compliant engine has more precise management than before with reduced mechanical friction for smoother running and flexibility.