Japanese vehicle manufacturers have offered to resume automatic annual pay hikes this year – as demanded by labour unions – after freezing rises last year amid the recession.

The Kyodo news agency noted however, that they offered no overall pay scale hike and trimmed bonuses from union-demanded levels for fiscal 2010 starting April 1.

Those planning to implement the seniority-based automatic annual pay hikes in fiscal 2010 include Toyota Motor Corp., Panasonic Corp., Sharp Corp., Sanyo Electric Co., Hitachi Ltd., Toshiba Corp., Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Nippon Steel Corp. and Kobe Steel Ltd, the report said.

Nissan Motor Co., which has no seniority-based annual pay hike system, offered to raise an average monthly wage by 6,200 yen against the union-demanded level of 7,000 yen. But it fully accepted its union’s demand for annual bonuses equivalent to five months’ basic pay, the report added.

Toyota failed to fully meet its union’s bonus demand for the second consecutive year. Toyota Managing Direct Satoshi Ozawa told the news agency that big global recalls have clouded its business prospects and affected the wage bargaining.