Three of Japan’s biggest automakers on Tuesday said their domestic production in August fell from the same month a year ago, but two smaller automakers said production was up.

According to The Associated Press (AP), Toyota said its domestic production slipped 9.7% on year to 229,547 vehicles in August, marking the third month of decline in local output.

Nissan Motor’s production in Japan slipped 3.2% to 93,349 vehicles while Honda reduced domestic production in August by 2.6% from a year earlier to 80,783 vehicles due to a decline in shipments in Japan and weaker exports, the report added.

But Honda’s overseas output jumped 20.1%, helping to lift its global production for the month by 12.4% to 273,572 vehicles, the highest level ever for that particular month.

AP said Mazda’s domestic vehicle production in August jumped 30.3% on year to 65,958 vehicles, increasing for the third consecutive month thanks to launches of new models.

Mazda monthly overseas output inched up 0.8% to 20,994 vehicles, rising for the first time in three months, the report said.

Mitsubishi Motors reportedly said its production jumped 57.8% on year to 45,847 vehicles in August, in a sign, the Associated Press noted, that the automaker is getting over a series of product recalls and cover-up scandals that have hit the company’s output in the last few years.