Automotive glass can be recycled as engine bay sound-damping material using a
method developed by Fuji Heavy Industries and supplier Nippon Muki, AutoAsia Online

Glass is difficult to recycle and accounts for almost a fifth of the total
waste volume when cars are scrapped, the report said.

However, the new process crushes and mixes side window glass with other glass
materials which are then melted and processed into glass wool. Shaped and heat-pressed,
this wool can be moulded into shape for attachment under the bonnet, AutoAsia
Online said.

Nippon Muki will make the glass wool and Subaru car maker Fuji Heavy will purchase
all production to use in its vehicles starting with the Legacy saloon and wagon
and the Forester SUV, the report added.

However, AutoAsia Online said, Subaru has not yet found a way to recycle rear
screens and windshields using the process because they contain heating wires
and anti-shatter film.

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