Nissan has said it will launch its fully revamped CUBE compact car on the global market starting with Japan next week.

The fully redesigned Cube continues the ‘cubic’ styling of the previous generation, adding a higher level of refinement.

Sales of the new Cube will begin in Japan on Nov 26, followed by North American in the spring of 2009, and Europe and other global markets in fall 2009.

Originally launched in 1998, the Cube has sold nearly one million units to date in Japan.

Yosuke Iwasa, Segment Chief Product Specialist, said: “The new Cube is designed for people who imagine a life less ordinary, who have grown tired of the never-ending pursuit of faster, more powerful, more outrageously styled cars.

“The quieter, more harmonious qualities of the Cube have attracted interest not only among young people, but for those in every walk of life.”

The model added a Japanese shoji-style roof shade that allows in gentle sunlight, the automaker said.

Nissan aims to sell 4,200 units per month in Japan, with a starting price of 1,449,000 yen.

Since the Cube made its debut in 1998, nearly 1 million units have been sold in Japan. The model was formerly only for the domestic market, but Nissan decided to introduce the compact car to overseas markets to meet growing demand for smaller cars worldwide.

Nissan Chief Operating Officer Toshiyuki Shiga said at a press conference: ”We expect the car to attract interest in the United States as well.”