Nissan chief executive Carlos Ghosn has said devastation to its supply network in Japan is likely to cause continued disruption in Japan following last week’s huge earthquake and tsunami.

Ghosn said he thought the company’s Japanese operations could start again later this week following the country’s massive earthquake, but that supply issues would subsequently hamper any resumption.

According to Reuters, Ghosn, speaking on French television station TF1, revealed no Nissan factories in Japan were operational

“Our best hope is to see them starting to produce again in two to three days, but not for very long because our supplier network is really devastated,” Ghosn is quoted as saying.

A statement by Nissan Americas earlier noted the Japanese plants at Tochigi and Iwaki will suspend operations until Friday, 18 March, while the Oppama, Kyushu, Shatai and Yokohama plants will stop work until Wednesday, 16 March.