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Nissan’s Iwaki engine plant in Japan will supply 1,000 three- and 3.5-litre petrol V6 engines to Renault for the French company’s next-generation Safrane executive sedan, AutoAsia Online reported.

The deal is part of an engine swap arrangement between Nissan, which is approximately one-third owned by Renault, and its French ‘partner’. The V6 engines are used in domestic and export Nissan models such as the Cedric and Maxima.

Small Renault diesel engines will be shipped to Nissan for subcompact cars sold in Europe, including the new Micra (March) which will be built at Nissan’s UK plant from 2003 on a platform shared with Renault’s next-generation Clio.

Nissan currently buys Peugeot diesel engines for installation in UK-built Micras shipped to France and other mainland European markets.

A factory spokeswoman said volumes were only about one percent of Micra production, which totalled around 120,000 last year.

Nissan and Renault may also share two-litre models sold under both brands, AutoAsia Online said.

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