NTT DATA, Nissan Motor and three other companies have developed a safety system using a wireless integrated circuit tag to help prevent traffic accidents involving children, the companies said on Wednesday.

According to Reuters, the service, called i-safety, is still in the experimental phase and will be tested in a two-square-kilometre area in Yokohama’s Aoba Ward from December to end-March. About 100 vehicles equipped with electric information devices will take part in the experiments.

The report said that, if children carrying IC tags are in the vicinity of the vehicles, signals from the tags are picked up by receivers installed near the street, such as in electricity poles and schoolyard gates, and they transmit warning messages saying, ”Children nearby. Please be careful,” to drivers inside the cars.

The five companies, which include Its Communications, Trendy Corp. and Tokyu Security, reportedly said the protection system is expected to be especially useful for people driving in low-visibility residential districts. The companies have been testing the IC tag services to help protect children from crime since April.

According to Reuters, children can notify designated guardians or others if they push an alarm button on their IC tags, which are small enough to be carried in their hands.