Nissan Diesel said on Wednesday that, from autumn 2004, it will market an ultra-low emission large truck that will meet tougher regulations on diesel gas emissions slated to take effect in October 2005, Dow Jones reported.

The report said the new model will be launched amid intensifying competition for trucks that are designed to clear the new emission standards. The new regulations will mandate a 85% reduction in particulate matter from the current limit and a nearly 50% decrease in nitrogen oxides.

According to Dow Jones, Nissan Diesel said nitrogen oxide emissions will be reduced by nearly half from the current level for diesel trucks by spraying an urea solution into the exhaust and facilitating the catalytic process while particulate matter will be cut by more than 85% by increasing fuel injection pressure.

Retail prices of the new truck will be higher than current models, a Nissan Diesel spokeswoman told Dow Jones, adding that the company has yet to decide on a sales target for the new model.

Dow Jones noted that, earlier this month, truck maker Hino Motors said it will sell two truck models including a petrol-electric hybrid model, that will meet the new regulations.

The government has yet to decide on how to measure emissions for the introduction of the new standards, Dow Jones noted, adding that Japanese truck makers are boosting sales as demand for more environmentally friendly trucks remains robust ahead of the implementation of the new regulations.