Nissan has joined forces with NTT DoCoMo Inc., Japan’s largest cell phone provider, to offer ‘i-mode’ information services delivered to drivers’ mobile phones using Nissan’s telematics system. Thanks to a new system developed by the two companies, information can now also be transferred wirelessly between navigation system and cell phone using Bluetooth technology.

Nissan’s existing telematics system offers a combination of services including navigation, real-time traffic information, 24-hour live operator, hands-free phone, and provides useful information on the location of hotels, restaurants, garages and car parks.

Owners of new Nissan models, beginning with the Tiida compact hatchback and later the Fuga sports saloon, will be able to access a new service called ‘Okkuto-Keitai’. This allows customers to receive ‘i-mode’ information services from NTT DoCoMo delivered directly to their cell phones, based on location or destination information from the car navigation system. Initially, the service will provide digital mobile maps and details on over 40,000 restaurants. In the future, Nissan and NTT DoCoMo plan to offer an increased number of i-mode content services.

Customers can request the new i-mode services by pressing buttons on the telematics console or by calling the 24-hour operator. In less than a minute, an e-mail with a URL link to the requested i-mode information is transferred directly to the driver’s mobile phone.

Using a Bluetooth-compatible navigation system and cellular phone, the two companies have developed an ‘alternate mode switchover’ system to automatically switch from voice to data communications and vice versa. The driver can engage in hands-free phone conversations, as well as using all other telematics services wirelessly, without having to press a button on the cell phone.