Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has announced the names of two new models. The US-market Lancer will be renamed “GALANT FORTIS” for the Japan domestic market. Also, Mitsubishi’s rally-inspired, high-performance 4WD sedan will carry the name “LANCER EVOLUTION X”.

The development concept for the new Galant Fortis calls for a “new-generation global sedan with world-class levels of safety, environmental performance and comfort”.

‘Fortis’ MMC helpfully informs those of us without a classics oriented schooling, is Latin for strong, steadfast, courageous.

The development concept for the all-new Lancer Evolution X specifies a “new-generation high-performance 4WD global sedan that allows all levels of driver to enjoy the car’s speed and handling with ease and in safety”.

The ‘X’ signifies the tenth iteration of the Lancer Evolution released on the Japanese domestic market.