Mitsubishi Motors says total global production for September was 114,191 units, 30.9% more than the comparable month last year and the eleventh consecutive monthly increase since November 2009.

Production volume in Japan at 70,319 units was 41.1% up year-on-year, the tenth consecutive monthly year-on-year increase. Passenger car output at 61,545 units was 49.9% more than the same period in 2009. Commercial vehicle output at 8,774 units was 0.2% down year-on-year.

Vehicle sales in Japan in September totaled 18,503 units, 1.6% down and the first time they failed to exceed the previous year’s figure in 11 consecutive months.

Sales of passenger cars at 14,449 units were 1.7% down year-on-year and sales of commercial vehicles at 4,054 units were 1.4% down year-on-year. Registered vehicle sales volume at 7,491 units was 6.7% up on the same month last year. Minicar sales volume at 11,012 units was 6.6% down year-on-year.

The first six months of fiscal 2010 ending 30 September saw total global production of 562,530 units, 55.1% up on the same period in 2009 and the first increase in fiscal 1H output since 1H 2007. Production in Japan totaled 322,508 units, a 62.1% year-on-year increase, the first since 1H fiscal 2008.

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