replacement Montero will begin production in the US in 2003

Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America (MMMA) is to start building the Montero
Sport and increase overall output from 240,000 to 260,000 by 2003. That’s
the same year that Mitsubishi will finally start selling its cars in Canada.

A new Montero Sport (Challenger), a 3.5 litre, V6-engined SUV, will be introduced
in 2003, joining the Eclipse and Galant on the U.S. assembly line.

Mitsubishi’s North American sales increased by 20 percent in 2000 and
production at the MMMA plant in Illinois will soon reach its current maximum

The Montero Sport is currently based on the L200 light truck chassis but the
new model will have a newly developed platform, which will be shared with the
next Galant and Eclipse.

MMMA is scheduled to produce all three new models on the same assembly line.
However, the company will invest several million dollars in a body pressing
and welding sub-line exclusively for the Montero Sport.

The SUV is the second most popular Mitsubishi model in the U.S. after the Galant
and 66,000 were sold in 2000.

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