Another recall has affected Mitsubishi Motors which today announced it was recalling 38,626 trucks in Japan, according to Reuters. The vehicles were built between March 1999 and September last year.

Mitubishi, which is 37 percent owned by DaimlerChrysler, said in a statement that it was recalling 16,209 Fuso Canter, Fuso Rosa and Fuso Fighter trucks because of problems with engine vacuum pumps, Reuters said.

Reuters added that Mitsubishi was also recalling 22,417 Fuso Canter and Fuso Rosa trucks to fix problems with anti-lock brake systems.

Mitsubishi estimated the combined cost of the recall and service campaigns at 1.05 billion yen ($US7.91 million), Reuters said.

In July 2000, Mitsubishi said that 1.52 million cars worldwide would be recalled while it admitted to hiding faults and customer complaints for more than two decades, Reuters said.

That scandal mainly affected passenger cars but quality problems have now surfaced in the Mitsubishi truck division, a major source of profits, Reuters said.

The news organisation reported that the latest recall comes only a week after Mitsubishi announced free inspections of 124,000 large trucks after a wheel fell off a vehicle on a road near Tokyo, causing the death of a woman and injuring her two children.