Mitsubishi Motors’ i MiEV (Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle) is getting closer to tangible reality to European users with the actual start of a pan-European feasibility testing campaign this month.

After private viewings and test driving with utility and power companies, local and regional governments, large captive fleet users, infrastructure partners and supporting groups over the past months at a pan-European level, i MiEV testing now goes local through a fleet of 12 cars.

In a joint effort between Mitsubishi Motors Europe B.V. (the subsidiary of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation) and MC Automobile (Europe) N.V. (the subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation), they will be assigned in waves to several Mitsubishi distributors across the region, helping to better understand the market potential for electric vehicles and for i MiEV in particular, starting with Spain, The Netherlands, the UK and Norway. Other European markets will follow throughout the year.

Mitsubishi says the i MiEV represents the ‘pinnacle’ of Mitsubishi Motors’ green technologies. Currently involved in testing and promotional activities in Japan, New Zealand, the United States and Europe, i MiEV will be launched in Japan during the summer of 2009. Providing the outcome of the current European feasibility study is positive, the car will be introduced to European markets sometime after 2010.