Mitsubishi Motors reported the biggest half year global production fall of Japan’s top five automakers – 55.8% down to 306,264 units.

Mazda was off 45.9% to 382,948 units, the Toyota Motor group down 40.6% to 2,967,964, Nissan Motor fell 40.0% to 1,099,760 and Honda Motor declined 33.7% to 1,317,309.

All five also reported record declines in domestic production in the first half ranging from 64.2% at Mitsubishi to 37.1% at Honda.

The Toyota brand’s 49.0% drop to 1,101,021 units was the lowest on record for a first half since 1976 when the current form of data collecting began.

Nissan’s 51.7% fall to 344,891 units was the lowest since 1971 for which the oldest comparable data was available.

Exports halved by more than 50% in the six-month period.

Again, Mitsubishi reported the biggest drop of 76.4%; Mazda did best with a 54% fall.

But domestic sales declines were slower. Sales fell 29.3% at Mazda, 27.9% at Mitsubishi, 25.0% at Nissan, 22.3% at the Toyota group and 15.0% at Honda.

Global production declines in June were less than in May but still ranged from 47.8% at Mitsubishi to 18.7% at Mazda.