With the cooperation of the NTT group, Mazda Motor Corporation has become the first Japanese domestic vehicle manufacturer to establish a broadband network linking the automaker and nationwide dealers (excluding Autozam dealers).

The network will facilitate the exchange, sharing, and utilization of large amounts of information. Mazda will implement this system in approximately 700 new vehicle sales sections and services/parts sections in domestic dealerships by the end of fiscal 2002, increasing the number to around 1,200 sections in the foreseeable future.

Mazda decided to introduce the broadband network in order to manage the large volume of information handled by the current network more effectively, and to improve work efficiency and customer service. The telephone line network, presently in use at a speed of approximately 64-128Kbps, has a speed of 10-100Mbps with the aid of NTT West and NTT East’s B FLET’S plan.

Through the broadband network it is possible to receive and send large volumes of information quickly, thus dramatically improving the operating environment of applications. For example, dealers are able to significantly improve work efficiency by immediately checking inventories of parts or cars online, and preparing estimates for new/used cars and insurance.

Furthermore, by using the network to distribute promotional footage of new cars, dealers can instantly provide customers with the information they require, resulting in improved customer service.

In the future Mazda plans to fully use the broadband network by introducing a wider range of applications and systems.